Our Family

Our Family

Monday, July 27, 2009

Big Stump - Before and After



At scout camp there is a 'hike' through knee deep and sometime hip deep mud and water to 'the big stump'. Thus the name 'Big Stump' hike. The boys are told to bring clothing and shoes that will not make it back home. Besides that - I wouldn't want it back home! Most of the time they lose one or both shoes and the last thing I want in my washer is a load of that laundry.

Our troop took home the Commissioner's Award - which is for the best camp site. They are graded daily on a variety of things. This is the 2nd year in a row. There were about 500 scouts - so we are pretty proud of that. They also won the Best Gateway Award.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Earning $$ Anyway, Anyhow!

Austin hasn't gotten the hours he would hope during the summer so everytime there's any extra job he can do to earn a little extra - he's game. We had some friends going to be out of town. They live in the 'estates' which means 'out-of-town' a ways - and needed their lawn mowed.

Seemed easy enough as they had a riding lawn mower. It took a little tinkering is all and the ability to handle getting a little dirty!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Registering for BYU

Here is Riley spending a few moments to impart some of his 'college' wisdom with Austin on registering for classes. You can see what they think about my picture taking!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

July 4th 2009

Independence Day - Let Freedom Ring!

Parker and Macey got to be in the July 4th parade in Naples, FL and toss candy. We didn't get great pictures of them as they were on the opposite side of the street from us.

John and I watched. It was soooo hot. We were drenched after sitting in the sun for an hour.

Riley and Austin were both at work. They both had plans with friends for the evening.

John & I took Parker and Macey to the beach to see the fireworks. There were lots of people and it was still really hot! We should have gone closer to the pier. We didn't have a really great view.

We had a much better vantage point looking off the master bedroom balcony. We had a 180 degree veiw of everyone's firework displays.

We waited until Sunday night when everyone was home together to do our sparklers.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Playing In The Rain

We are getting some more rain. Usually it is accompanied by thunder and lightening. On those rare occassions that it doesn't - Parker & Macey love playing in the rain whether it's out front or out back in the pool.

This time it was just Macey - she begged - "can I, can I?!" She loved every minute of it.

Parker Doing a Good Deed

For Webelos, Parker was encouraged to do something of service that would benefit his neighborhood or community. We have a vacant house across the street that becomes a jungle of sorts.

John had Parker mow it once when he mowed our lawn. Parker decided that he could do it each time he mows our lawn to help our neighborhood look better. He's done it twice now. Go Parker!

Macey & Makeup

Macey found a way to entertain herself while we were caught up in Parker's haircut experiment that was a smashing success.

She can be such a tomboy sometimes and it does a mom's heart good to see the 'girly' side come out every once in awhile. The only problem comes when she wants to wear makeup for reals. I let her put some on just before we went somewhere once (I was putting on my makeup and she wanted to, too). Then we decided that she needs to wait until she's at twelve. Trying to set some guidelines. The whole 'girl' scene is unchartered waters for us.

Haircut Success!

Parker needed a haircut. John said he could do it - and he did - and it turned out great! How does that work? First time success. I've tried on occassion and it never turns out very well if I'm doing a real haircut. If I'm just trimming around the ears and shaping up the neckline them I do just fine.

I've been asked by John and the kids to "please, not to cut the dogs hair, ever again." I guess the end result is a little embarrassing.