Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Washington Weather is Wonderful!

Parker, Macey and I are enjoying the country in Washington. Mornings and evening are quite cool. Jackets are almost required and the heat has been on. Not a regular occurrence in our lives in Florida. Tomorrow in Washington the high is projected to be around 75 degrees and the low 53 degrees. A little different from the weather John will be experiencing all by his lonesome in Florida - high of 90 degrees (plus humidity) and a low of 78 degrees. That should be a very powerful incentive for him to join us ASAP! We miss you. Hurry!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's A Garage Day!

It's a Garage kind of day! My kids are so excited. NOT!!! No wonder they aren't awake yet. They knew last night what the plan for today was.

Now this isn't 'my' garage and mine doesn't look QUITE this bad (I hope). But it is what today is all about. After moving and straightening it more times than we care to count we are doing it again today.

We are hoping to find a few lost items from the move that just have to be out there in one of the boxes of mish mash, right?!

Probably won't look QUITE like this either but I can dream that a little cleaning will make a big difference - maybe.

Maybe tomorrow I can make it a computer catch up day on all the other things that have happened over the last two months - moving, getting settled, Austin going to the temple, entering the MTC, leaving the MTC, arriving in Washington, going to San Antonio for my family reunion, kids friends, swimming, the 4th of July and more!