Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm Thankful . . . Austin's home for Thanksgiving!

We are thankful to have Austin home for Thanksgiving! It has been great to get those big bear hugs again!

Macey wrote in her letter to Riley this week, "Austin came home he's leaving to go back to Utah on Friday just to tell you Riley, Austin is stronger than ever after prayer a couple day ago Austin gave me such a big hug that it felt like he broke my rib but my rib cage is fine."

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sunburned? Really?

After living in Florida for (9) years you would think we knew a thing or two about the sun and a thing called sunscreen!

When we did our impromptu vacation to Georgia in August we got out on Lake Lanier with the boat and jet skis. Before we knew it we had been out a few hours. Didn't think much about it but before we knew it we had been out all day. Riley and Austin spent most the time on jet skis. It was the law to have to wear life jackets (not that it's a bad idea).

We all got quite sunburned but Riley's gave us the best picture! Obviously he spent most his time working this summer not hanging out at the beach in Florida!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Catching Up IS Hard To Do!

There just never seems to be enough hours in the day to do all we want to do and get done. I can't believe it's been 3 months since I have posted on our blog. I was doing so good there for awhile. I still have a lot of catching up to do but I wanted to update a few things so none of you would give up on me. I kept thinking I'd have a day where I could just spend it updating the blog. Hasn't happened. So tonight when I couldn't sleep I decided I'd better just make a stab at it. Maybe I'm slow (or my computer is), but I've already spent a couple hours and hardly made a dent. See what I mean - so much to do (or wanna do) and so little time.

We've had a lot going on just not enough time to tell all about it. Our spur-of-the-moment vacation to Georgia, Parker & Macey starting school (they missed the 1st day), going to Provo, UT to get Austin settled out at BYU and then back home to get Riley ready to leave on his mission to Albania. We got to have Grandma Swensen and Grandma Smith come for a visit and then John & I went with Riley to Washington to see Grandma Lois and all our family there. Then on to Provo, UT again to 'literally' drop Riley off at the MTC (Missionary Training Center). It is like the car line at the elementary school. You pull up, unload and drive away.

It's hard to believe Riley has been a missionary for almost a month now. He is doing great! He's the district leader. He's positive, enthused and teaching us a few words in Albanian each week.

Georgia On 'Our' Minds!

We had a lot going on this summer and at the same time - not a lot. We didn't plan any big trips for starters. John and the boys had scout camp, John was working on a couple different business plans, Riley & Austin both had jobs and before we knew it the summer was almost over. We wanted one last chance to spend a little bit of time together as a family before things started to change - which is what happens as our kids grow up and venture off on paths of their own. So at the last minute - we got in the car and headed to our old stomping grounds in Georgia.

We rented a little townhouse on Lake Lanier for a couple of days. It was nice to get out in the 'woods' again. Parker & Macey had a blast 'exploring' the great outdoors.

We rented a boat for the day and Riley rented jet skis. We had a great time exploring the lake, tubing, getting wet, feeling the sun and the wind in our hair and on our faces.

Our longtime friends, the Depews, came to join us for the day - back where it all started in Cumming, GA all those 9 years ago. Can it really have been that long ago?! They stayed the night close by and we all got to go to church together the next day.

Craig & Jennifer's oldest son, 'little' Craig is on a mission so we had to give her a big boy fix and a couple of hugs.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Eagle Scout #2

Oh, the drawbacks on being the 2nd child. Austin had to wait until Riley was finished with his Eagle project before he could get going on his (because his mother's sanity hinged on one-at-a-time). Then when it was all said and done he had to wait on his mom again to pull the Eagle Court of Honor together just before he headed off to college. Good thing for deadlines!

For his project he helped make some improvements to the church building that the Immokalee Spanish Branch was renting for church. You did a great job. We are proud of your dedication and discipline.