Our Family

Our Family

Friday, May 29, 2009

Austin's Graduation!

Our 'happy-to-be graduated' graduate and his family - Riley, Parker, Austin - graduate himself, Dad-John, Mom-Melanie and Macey.

Austin and his dad. Having them side-by-side in this photo I really can see the resemblance between them.

Austin and his Grandma Swensen. We are so glad she is able to come and share these once-in-a-lifetime moments with us.

Grandma Swensen ironing Austin's graduation 'gown.' She didn't melt it this year! Last year when she went to iron Riley's she melted a hole in it! Being the awesome and very talented Grandma that she is she was able to save the day last year by sewing the hole in a small seam and fixed it right up.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Riley's Mission Papers In!

We had to take a photo to upload online with Riley's mission application paperwork. His paperwork has been turned over to the Stake President. Now that we are to this point Riley wishes he knew where he is going - yesterday!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Parker & Macey Piano Recital

Macey participated in her first piano recital playing - Morning Mood and Merry Widow Waltz (duet w/teacher). This was Parker's second recital and played - Super Secret Agent and Let Us All Press On (duet w/teacher). The recital is held at an assisted living condo facility. They both did great.

Sidenote: John & Parker had been at the Father/Son campout. They arrived home just in time for Parker to practice his song, shower, change and hit the road to the recital. Parker was the first performance and we were almost late!

Austin's Last Band Shindig

Thursday, May 14, 2009 was the last band concert and the next night was the band awards night where the seniors get to give their last will and leave something to those left behind.

Austin had bought Riley a superhero - 'Morman' t-shirt that became Riley's superhero nickname amongst his friends. He 'willed' it to Austin at the end of his senior year. Austin in turn 'willed' it to a friend of his, Brennan Egbert, that is another 'Morman' himself. The tradition lives on.

For his really good friends he bought 'Navy Seal' knives - real ones off ebay! One of his friends collects knives. I was a little apprehensive so I emailed parents and got their permission. I wanted them to sign off and know what their kids had in their possession. We DID NOT hand these out at school!

His other friend who doesn't like knives but loves the Boston Red Sox received a NY Yankees hat and a lighter. Got to love Austin's originality and creativity!

Woodpecker, Woodpecker, What Do You See?

We were outside the other day and heard this peck, pecking. Lo and behold, across the street up in the palm tree there was a woodpecker. It was pretty cool! We had just enough time to snap a few pictures before Macey insisted on crossing the street to get a better look and then it was - bye, bye birdie.

Austin - Senior Awards Ceremony

They have an awards ceremony for the Seniors each year. They announce student scholarships, school awards and present National Honor Society members with their stole. He received the Florida Academic Scholars Award and was also 1 of 6 seniors awarded GCHS Pride Award in Science.

Austin has been awarded a $410/semester scholarship from BYU-Idaho. He also achieved the highest level for the Florida Bright Futures Scholars. If he were to stay and go to a Florida Public Institution he would have 100% tuition and fees paid plus $225 per semester for college expenses for four years.

He has decided, however, to attend BYU-Utah which was always his first choice.

Let's Eat Cake!

Here is everyone indulging in John's birthday cake and wishing mom would just put the camera away. They were all good sports though and we had a little fun with it. It was a contest with some to see if they could prevent mom from getting the shot. No way - I'm very persistent.

John's B-Day

John had scheduled a scout service project on his birthday! Silly man! We celebrated with cake and ice cream the next day - Mother's day.

Kind of funny how John's birthday and Mother's Day always fall on the same weekend and my birthday and Father's Day do as well. We are good at sharing our time in the spotlight.

Different Hair Styles But Great Friends!

It's been fun having some of Riley's friends back at our house since he's been home. His friend Zach always had a little longer hair - well look at him now - a year after being on his own at Florida Institute of Technology. He had dinner with us and we told him he would have starved to death if he had been at BYU (since you have to be clean shaven to eat!)!!! It was kind of ironic as Riley had just gone of his own accord and gotten a haircut that same day!