Our Family

Our Family

Friday, May 29, 2009

Austin's Graduation!

Our 'happy-to-be graduated' graduate and his family - Riley, Parker, Austin - graduate himself, Dad-John, Mom-Melanie and Macey.

Austin and his dad. Having them side-by-side in this photo I really can see the resemblance between them.

Austin and his Grandma Swensen. We are so glad she is able to come and share these once-in-a-lifetime moments with us.

Grandma Swensen ironing Austin's graduation 'gown.' She didn't melt it this year! Last year when she went to iron Riley's she melted a hole in it! Being the awesome and very talented Grandma that she is she was able to save the day last year by sewing the hole in a small seam and fixed it right up.

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