Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ripp'in It!

Macey is our girl most definitely! But she is our outdoor enthusiast, sport enthusiast, alligator & animal enthusiast and our one true Floridian.

She loves to be outside. She loves the ripstik and is a pro now. She used it so much right after she figured it all out that she missed a day of school because her muscles were so sore. She wanted help to even get to a sitting position.

My Girl!

My girl! What more can I say.

She's 'my girl' since I'm the one writing this but really she is 'our girl.' I'm so glad to have a husband to be a part of every aspect of life but in this case with the parenting of these awesome kids we have. Even when you have awesome kids it would be so hard & exhausting to be doing it alone.

Macey expressed an interest in going to a daddy/daughter dance for Valentine's but the tickets were sold out. So her dad took her on a date to breakfast on Saturday instead. He was the best date ever. He opened her door for her - something she's not used to and bought her a whole pack of bubblegum afterwards since she has just mastered how to blow bubbles.