Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Macey's 8th Birthday

Macey's 8th birthday was April 11, 2009 and her birthday request was to hug an alligator. So off we went to the Everglades to do just that.

We continued on from there out farther in the Everglades to Shark Valley to do a little biking along a path that provides close-up exposure to - you guessed it - more alligators.

We didn't have near enough time there as we had to get Austin back to work. We will have to return another day. The path is actually a 15 mile loop you can bike around.

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Joe and Emily said...


Since you posted a comment on our blog, I thought I'd post one on your mom's. Happy Birthday!! I hope you had fun holding the alligators. A couple years ago when I visited you all in Florida, I did the same thing. What did you get for your birthday? What kind of cake did you have? Are you excited to be baptized?
I'm glad you think Lizzie is cute. We have so much fun with her. I think her hair is crazy too. It just keeps getting longer and it still sticks straight up in the air.

I love you Macey!
Aunt Emily