Our Family

Our Family

Monday, December 7, 2009

Backup, Reverse! November!

After getting Austin to college and then Riley on his mission I seemed to miss a step or two. I continued to take a few pictures here and there but just didn't seem to make anything happen beyond that. Perhaps it was because I knew my heart and emotions were a little too tender to be browsing through old photos when our big boys bodies, minds and spirits weren't filling our hallways or bedrooms but off on adventures of their own. Can be a little hard for a mom to adjust and get used to. Good thing my baby girl won't leave home for another ten years.

So here goes ...

Thanksgiving - we had invited the missionaries but they had two invites already. We invited another family but we were a little slow again. Our friends across the lake had family in town and so it was just us - John & I, Austin home from BYU, Parker and Macey. It was a little quiet but it actually felt really good to just be together.

Oh, and I tried two new dishes this year - Sweet Potatoe Souffle & Cranberry Heavenly Hash. Recipes compliments of my friend, Dana Shaw.

John, Austin and Parker went to the Turkey Bowl (multi-ward football game)at 7am. They ended up having (7) teams or more going. They came home a wet, muddy, mess because it had been raining for a couple days. Austin brought a couple friends home to hang out for awhile before everyone's family feast's. They were all good about getting showered and cleaned up before heading to the bonus room for some video games. I had the forthought to send towels and they actually used them. I thought I had a picture of all their shoes in the bed of the truck but guess not. That was Austin's friend, Trevor's idea. Thank you Trevor!

Parker was in heaven to be able to play big boy video games with Austin - he was asking constantly for Austin to play with him.

We all worked together to get the feast prepared and everyone stayed in the kitchen until the last dish was washed and leftover food put away. Thanks guys for being such great sports and amazing helpers. It's nice not to be the lone one left in the kitchen to do the cleanup.

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