Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Macey As A Blonde

We have this funky, mullet style, surfer style wig that we've used on numerous occassions. Well, Macey got it out the other night and got all decked out - jewelry and all!

She was a riot, cute, funny and crazy looking all at the same time. But what made me run for the camera was an entirely different reason. As she cocked her head to one side and gave me a smile - something about the different color of hair, a twinkle in her eye, maybe, her smile - had me catch a glimpse, had me seeing my cousin, Jerri Ann Finch in her. For those of you who know Jerri Ann I don't think the pictures captured the glimpse I saw but they are fun nonetheless.

As she shed the wig Macey commented that she was glad she had dark hair! What?! What's so wrong with being blonde?!


Thompson Family said...

ditto on the blond question! :)

Joe and Emily said...

You never know- in years to come, she may come home from college a blond and you'll wish she was still had the rich dark brown hair!!

Smith Family said...

Oh, I forever want her to be the dark brown haired beauty she is! It would be sooo weird for her to be blonde - ever!

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful either way!