Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Funny Valentine's!

I bought (3) pink chocolate chip pancake mixes to give as a few fun gifts at Valentine's.  I did give (1) away and then when the day arrived my (2) sweet young 'uns wanted to know if I was going to make them some 'perfectly pink pancakes'!  How could I refuse!

So for my (2) sweetest & funniest valentines - perfectly pink pancakes with a little creativity thrown in.

Macey had a very long drawn out discussion about who my Valentine was (dad or her) and who was going to be her Valentine.  I told her I would be her Valentine.  In true form she argued with me.  I couldn't be her Valentine because I was daddy's Valentine.  She protested that one person couldn't have (2) Valentine's.  And on it went.

I hope she knows deep in her heart that she will always be my other Valentine!


Jennifer said...

What a fun breakfast! We used to beg my mom to make us pancakes in different shapes...my favorite was a turtle. Macey cracks me up...she always asks the best questions in Sunday school class, and is never afraid to engage in a lively discussion!

Diana Smith said...

That is so cute! I want pink pancakes! I just thought you could dye them! FUN!! Thats cute, you are sooo creative!!