Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Smith's Have Goats!

Gotcha!  Yes, the Smith's have (3) baby goats - it's just not these Smith's!  I'm not overly clever very often but I thought I was pretty clever with this one.

The other Smith's are the previous Bishop of our branch and his wife - Bill & Louise Smith.  (No relation - darn it!  They might not want to claim us but we would claim them in a heart beat.)  The have (3) three week old baby goats that they are bottle feeding.  They had invited anyone who wanted to come and see them and take a turn feeding them to come on by.  So come on by we did.



It was a Monday.  What better thing to do for FHE - thank you Macey for your insistence.  John was in Palm Beach Gardens for some partner meetings so he missed our little family 'farm' experience.  It would probably have brought back some fond memories of home.  He grew up on  a small farm.  I don't think he had goats as a child but they did have cows and chickens.

I had taken two of the young women to Joann's after school to pick out their TREK skirt & bonnet material.  One of the girls lived out in the same area as the goats so I offered to take her home.  We called the 'other' Smith's on our way and they said, "come on out!"  We had a blast in case you can't tell.  The kids thought they were in heaven.

Parker insists that's the life he wants to live - on a farm.  I've tried to impress upon him all the work that this would entail.  He seems to think it would be 'fun'!  He moans and groans when I ask him to let the dog out, mow the small backyard or take out the trash.  Mmmm - I think he would tire of 'life on the farm' real quick.


Diana Smith said...

goats are soo dang adorable! I was little shocked when you said you guys have goats haha but I had to keep reading

Nicole and Brent Prime said...

Those are pretty cute. The girls keep telling me we've got to go. We just might have to!