Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Permission Request!

I need someone to give me permission to spend an entire day doing nothing but updating the blog with the many simple events the last couple of months have been made up of.  I get up in the morning and think if I can just get this, this and this done then I'll LET myself blog a bit.  Somehow I never seem to get to that point.  Somehow today is already Thursday.

Monday - regroup from the weekend - laundry, job lists and more, appt with John and then lunch, hair-cut and hi-lite, friends for dinner, FHE and games.

Tuesday - Alli Gator to the groomer, cleaning, moved TV from garage to Parker's room all by ourselves, sewing project w/Macey and friend (skirt - so cute)(For Macey's bday - her friend, Janiel, gave here this fabric, a pattern for a skirt, matching thread & elastic and the promise to sew one with her.  Janiel's mom is a pro-sewer!  What a great gift! I would never have thought of that.), start replacement claim for missionary clothing items to missionary mall, pouring rain, scout physical for Parker, late dinner.

Wednesday- Made a short list of 'have-to-get-dones'!
1.  Missionary Mall Warranty claim for Austin on both pairs of shoes, charcoal suit pants, black suit pants and both pairs of washable black slacks -mmmm; 

2.  Set-up HP printer to print (call if necessary); 
3.  Check on flights to potential destinations - WA state, UT, Albania, NY (Hill Cumorah pageant), Washington, DC (Parker's dream vacation).
4.  Get box fans from girls camp back to Marji.
5.  Schedule eye appt for Parker. 

I did accomplish the first (4).  Along with making a run for groceries to Publix at 9am in my pj's before I launched into 'the list.'  Mainly because Parker & Macey were distraught that I didn't have anything they thought suitable for breakfast.  Once the cupboard was stocked with their favorite box of cereal - Parker, Cocoa Pebbles and Macey, Captain Crunch Berries; plenty of mac 'n cheese, a few cans of ravioli, along with some healthier choices - deli meat & cheese, lettuce, strawberries and blueberries, almonds, yogurt, granola bars, etc, the day could begin.

**Marji dropped off her son, Kyle to keep Parker entertained during my focus time.
**Nicole brought Janiel over for Macey to hang out with.
**Parker went to another friends mid-day to spend the night.
**I took the girls to the pool for an hour.  It poured down buckets & buckets of rain.
**They didn't let that stop them.  There wasn't any thunder or lightening so they got to really enjoy it!
**I finally took a shower and got dressed for the day at 6pm (don't tell anyone)!
**We dropped Janiel off on our way to YW movie night.
**We thought 'Legacy' was a good choice since most the girls had just been on TREK.
**They had made a bday cake for ME!  Thank goodness there were a limited number of candles.  I had a hard time blowing the few out!  We had such a good time hanging out with the girls - Macey & I didn't get home till after 9pm.

Thursday - Today!  It's 10:30am.  I've switched laundry, done some dishes, had Macey comb her hair, and *gasp* blogged a little!  It literally would take me all day to catch up a bit and that isn't on my 'to-do' list for today.  I will have to save that for another day.  At least I made a token attempt and had a little fun doing it!  Hope it continues to be a great day!


Diana Smith said...

I love Macey's skirt!! She did such a great job! When can I meet that cute girl!?

Jennifer said...

Wow...this feels like my life with a few differences on the to-do list! I cut my boys hair to save money and our dog has short hair (thank goodness.) But I know what you mean about having such limited time for yourself. Sometimes we really do need permission...of which I give you my two thumbs up!!!

Joe and Emily said...

Love you sis! Wish my day today had been as productive as yours. And Kate's camera is a Canon EOS Digital Rebel. If you need more specs let me know.