Our Family

Our Family

Monday, August 17, 2009

Lacking Wisdom!

Austin had all (4) impacted wisdom teeth removed last Thursday. He is so 'not' enjoying life at the moment. He is still swollen and sore today - four days after. If he's not more improved tomorrow we will go back in to have them take a look.

Trying to be ahead of the game for college, mission and life in general.


Kristen said...

ouch! i can't believe he's still so swollen. bryn had a great time with macey on saturday. she's told EVERYONE about all the sand dollars and the starfish. tell macey thanks for being a great friend to a 6 year old!

Thompson Family said...

funny- all my kids get done before college too- Andrea is the only one left. Patrick swelled up alot like that!

Diana Smith said...

Hey You! I found your blog, Daniel told me it. I am so excited because we are constantly updating on here and you will get to know everything we are up to!! Even things you might not want to know. Just Kidding. :)
It was great to finally meet you and your adorable family. I hope to keep in contact and see you soon when Riley leaves on his mission!