Our Family

Our Family

Friday, August 7, 2009

Parker & Cub Scouts

We haven't had regular Pack Meetings until recently. Parker had earned his Bear badge, (1) gold arrow and (5) silver arrows. He has been a Webelos scout since Feb 2009. Got to be busy doing that. We love you, Parker, and are happy for your accomplishments.

I was so good with Riley and Austin - I was a part of every step of the way from Bobcat to Webelos. I did most every thing with them. Parker hasn't had quite the same attention. I'm sorry, Parker. I'll try to be better about helping you!

What could make a dad more proud than (3) great individuals - with individual talents, strengths, strong scout ethics and strong testimonies of Jesus Christ.

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Thompson Family said...

Good work to you too Mom! :)