Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, January 23, 2010

And It's A Winner!

Parker participated in his 2nd and final Pinewood Derby as next year he will be an 11-year old scout. The Ft. Myers Stake put on a stake pinewood derby and did an excellent job in organizing it. The boys all had fun and everyone was a winner!

Parker's car won 3rd place overall! Go Parker! He also won best design.

We have a video that my brother and a physicist friend created on the physics of how to build and know how to have a winning pinewood derby car. I called him instead (thinking I didn't know where the video was, nor the time) and said - "we really don't have time to watch the whole video, can you just tell us the best place to put the weights?" He had the answer! Short version (I think) is just in front of the rear axle and higher up (on top of the car). Thanks Uncle John for being a phone call away.

I am so proud that the idea for the duct tape to hold the toilet paper cushion in place was mine. The first couple of times they did the practice runs the cars came screaming down the track and bumped the toilet paper barrier/buffer off the track and therefore the cars smashed into the end wood piece causing some minor damage to a few race cars - wheels popping off, chipped tail fin, etc. Not good! Glad I could be a problem solver.

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