Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

B. . .Y. . .U . . . Cougars! Go Cougars!

We hope a little cheering from the very depths of Florida will give a boost to our BYU football team!  We love BYU football.  It is the one sport I can follow and actually know something about.  I can usually tell what the penalty is when it happens - offsides, pass interference, etc.

This is one of the first games we watched from our living room with Macey all decked out in all her BYU apparel!IMG00104-2010 09 04-1927; byu girl (2)

 As a treat John bought tickets for all of us to attend the BYU vs. Florida State game played in Tallahassee, FL. We were able to attend the fireside put on by the BYU Football team the night before the game. It was literally standing room only. This is Parker & Macey after the fireside standing in front of one of the buses after the players had loaded.

Fall football in Florida = HOT! It was probably one of the hottest days we've had. We were all hot before the game even started!

Good thing we brought sweat rags to mop our brows! We took refuge during half time by the concessions in the shade trying to cool down a bit.

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