Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

First Day of School 2010

This year Parker is in 6th grade and started middle school at Oak Ridge Middle School.  Macey is in 4th grade at Laurel Oak Elementary.


Did anyone notice the missing shoe in the picture?  Too funny!
I must have been hurrying him to get their picture taken as I was headed out the door to get Macey to the bus that day.  Macey catches the bus at 7:51am and Parker at 8:29am.  There are two bus runs for the elementary bus.  Macey's is the second run but that also means she gets home later after school.  She gets home at 3:15p and Parker at 4pm.

We've been down this path before.  Parker and Macey are about exactly where Riley & Austin were in school when we first moved to Naples, FL ten years ago! Time just keeps passing by.

Parker was excited about middle school and has adjusted well to having 7 classes each day with different teachers, textbooks, notebooks, locker and all that comes with it.  He makes friends easily and for the most part has learned to "be like a duck".  Let the insignificant things roll off his back.

We had a little incident a couple of weeks ago - I got a call from the Dean of Discipline.  Parker had punched a kid in the arm and swore at him.  He was more upset that he had to tell me!  Some kids started ribbing others about girls.  Parker liked a girl last year - sorta - it really just resulted in them being really good friends.  Well they started ribbing him about it at lunch.  It made him mad and he told someone to "go to hell."  Yikes. Where did that come from?  That is way out of character for him.  Well that someone then told his friend, the girl, that he said it about her.  Not good.  The ribbing continued in band.  Parker ended up punching the kid and telling him the same thing again.

It didn't escalate.  The boys are on friendly terms.  Parker was able to talk to the girl and make sure she knew what he said wasn't directed at her.

John had told him last year when he was getting 'bugged' that he would rather that he stand up for himself and deck someone if he needed to.  Not that I disagree but then there's the school rules and those two don't always agree.  In the end it was a good learning experience and an opportunity to talk through things and how things might be better handled in the future.  Thus the comment to "be like a duck."


Diana Smith said...

Cute pictures of your kids!! They look really excited for their first day of school. We went to Washington this weekend and heard of your visit a few months back wish we could have been there when you guys were!!

Steve and Donna said...

wow- at least you've had a few boys to practice with (hah). I'm that way with girls ")

Cordie said...

I love the missing shoe, that is funny. I remember you tell me about Parker's incident, glad they are friendly now.

Joe and Emily said...

Looks like you found a cute background. That does seem out of character for Parker!

Hope you are having a good week.