Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thankful #2

Then . . .

I am thankful for my husband.  We have been married for 24 years now.  There are so many things I love about him.  We are different in many ways but the same in the ones that matter most.  What are the things I love about him, you ask . . . let me count the ways!  (I'll just name a few).

1.  He balances me out in so many ways.
**I tend to be too loud and he is more reserved.  This has taught me to think before I speak.
**I have a hard time falling asleep and he has a hard time staying awake.  I am a nightowl (or used to be) and  he is the one that lets me know when it's time for bed. 

2.  I try to do too much and he reigns me back in.  He lets me know it's ok, that I don't have to fix everything for everybody.  Yet he supports me in my endeavors.

3.  He doesn't complain that I'm not a good cook.

4.  He still says I look awesome!  He doesn't notice the wrinkles, veins, cellulose and all.

5.  He has a hairy chest that I've always loved.

6.  He is a hard worker, humble, honest and caring.

7.  He is a great speaker.  I love listening to him tell me stories, discuss the gospel or catch up on the news.

8.  He remembers everything - things he reads, people, places and moments in life.

9.  He takes good care of us, loves us and loves spending time together as a family.

10.  He is mine - now and always!  Forever!

We enjoy most of all the fall and the few cooler days we get here in Florida.  It gives us time to spend watching BYU Football together and taking longer walks in the evenings.  The cooler days allows me to snuggle a little closer and a little longer. I love it when he nuzzles my neck just as much now as 24 years ago.


Steve and Donna said...

nice thoughts- wow I love the wedding photo :)

Diana Smith said...

you guys are adorable!! I love your wedding photos!! Thanks for sharing them! I didn't realize that Riley and Austin are only a year apart! Good job you!!!

Joe and Emily said...


Cordie said...

What a sweet post!

Eric and Candace said...

SO sweet!!! I love the ending! :)

PrimeFlorida said...

Thanks for sharing. It is very sweet. I love the pictures too!