Our Family

Our Family

Monday, November 22, 2010

Thankful #3

I am thankful for 1...2...3...4 wonderful children.  They are each lovable and unique in their own way.

 Elder Riley Smith is serving a church mission in Albania.  He is our oldest son.  He is articulate and a go getter.  He is an amazing son.

Elder Austin Smith is serving a church mission in the Seattle, Washington area.  He is such a hard worker and has a heart of gold.  He has the best smile and gives the best bear hugs a mom could ask for.

Parker is the middle middle child or so he tells us.  He has a great heart and is a wise old soul.

Macey is our only girl.  She is our no frills girl most of the time.  She loves climbing trees, being outside, the color green and most of all alligators.  Sounds like a Florida girl at heart.  But then she surprises us by wanting her her nails done or something just so.  She has a tender heart and tries hard to be friends with everyone she meets.


Diana Smith said...

Cute pictures Melanie! I wish I could meet the other half of your family: Your cute younger kids! Rileys mission is going by so quick, not sure if you will agree and I feel the same about Austin! It just flies!! I hope they are doing amazing!

Steve and Donna said...

it's great to have two sons on a mission- extra blessings!