Our Family

Our Family

Friday, December 31, 2010


This is not the  POOF from a fairy tale where something magical happens by the wave of a wand.  Oh, I wish it could have been that simple after this 'POOF' event!

We had our traditional crepes for Christmas Eve dinner with raspberry filling & powdered sugar all rolled up and topped with whipped cream with link sausages & bacon on the side.  (No such thing as gooseberries available in Florida.  Will have to have mom send me some in time for next year).  John and Parker favor putting the meat in the crepe.  Anyway you do it they are delicious and filling! 

Christmas Day morning after we saw what Santa brought and opened presents I decided to get the kitchen straightened up a bit.  First thing I did was grab the powdered sugar container off the counter to return it to the pantry.
Apparently the lid wasn't on tight.  The powdered sugar went POOF!  Everywhere, all over!

 All down the counter, around the corner and all over the floor!

 Even down inside the soda box all over the cans all the way to the bottom.

 All the way across the floor to the next wall.
 Into the pantry, inside buckets and onto every available surface.
Who knew powdered sugar could POOF so much but POOF it did.  This was not how I wanted to start my Christmas morning!  Macey, however, jumped right in and volunteered to help me clean it all up.  It wasn't nearly such an unpleasant task with her help. 
 The bright side of it all was that the pantry got a little makeover so it was a little neater when it was all said and done.  It just wasn't the funnest wiping off jars, jugs, boxes, plastic cups and shaking it off napkins in our 'paper products' bucket.  Oh, well.  It could have been worse.

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Jenn said...

Eek! What a mess that sweet stuff can make! At least you thought to get some good pictures of it. :) How sweet of Macey to help clean up--it does make the work better when you have an adorable helper!