Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Night the Lights Went Out in Florida!

One night just before dinner - the lights went out in Florida.  It was an odd occurrence since there wasn't a storm brewing.  Turns out it wasn't a wide spread blackout - just 45 houses in our area. John had a business dinner so no sweat for him!  What about the rest of us you ask.  Well we decided to rough it (no McDonalds's necessary).
Before it got too dark we dug out the flashlights and lantern, pillows and blankets and parked it on the front room floor, camping style.  They really wanted to break out the tent and set it up (uh, no!  wouldn't fit for starters and it was a school night - thankgoodness for me!)
DSCF1627 3
We ended up fixing peanut butter sandwiches and enjoyed our little camping excursion right in our own front room.


Diana Smith said...

How random! I love how you are taking pictures of it though, you are such a fun mom!! Your dog is sooo cute too!

Steve and Donna said...

finally got on- clicked on the actual title post and it worked :)

Jennifer said...

The mystic of no power makes for a fun adventure. And camping with the comforts of home is my favorite way to do it!

A Vintage Vine said...

I tried about 5 times yesterday to get on your blog....everytime I tried the internet would shut down. I am glad that is over! Fun to have the lights go out...that happened in GA all the time...not so much here in TX. The kids look happy to "camp" out!

Nicole and Brent Prime said...

Fun times! I saw the FPL truck at the entrance to your neighborhood as we were leaving that night. Glad they got it fixed-only fun for a short time.