Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Day of Thanksgiving!

Someday, I will be a great cook and a great baker and make everything from scratch.  In the next life that is.  For now I am completely content (almost) to do things another way.  Costco style.  It's funner to have a group of friends and family over than know that I made it all myself.  It will be a great meal with great people.  Definitely a day of Thanksgiving.

**Spinach Aritchoke & Parmesan Dip
 **Rosemary Crackers for the dip for an appetizer before the meal.
**Bagged Spring Mix salad.  Add some roasted, salted, sliced almonds, blueberries, strawberries feta cheese and a raspberry vinegarette dressing.
**Golden Potatoes.  The one thing that I can and will make from scratch.  Mashed and seasoned to deliciousness!
** Stove Top Turkey Stuffing.  In the bird and separate.  Got to have plenty!
**TURKEY!  Of course.  It turns out perfect when you cook it in a bag.  
**Spiral Ham.  Mostly because Parker doesn't like turkey.  How can someone not like turkey on Thanksgiving.  He says its because one year he got really sick right after Thanksgiving.  He apparently had an appendicitis attack.  It was not due to the turkey or my cooking.
**Pumpkin Pie
**Apple Pie.  Riley is making an apple pie.  He became a pro on his mission.  It will be a bought crust to cook but homemade filling.  Excited!
**Green Beans too.  Forgot about those.  They are in the freezer so I'll skip the picture on that one.
**Rolls.  Our friends the Winders are bringing the rolls.  She does delicious rolls!
**No-Bake Cheesecake.  John asked for this since he didn't get a piece when I made it the other night.  


Steve and Donna said...

All sounds fine to me :)

Nicole and Brent Prime said...

You are a cook. To do both ham and turkey is amazing. (You are a nice mom.) I agree with the bag. You can't mess up a turkey in the bag. Thankful for you!

A Vintage Vine said...

Sounds wonderful! I am going to try mine in a bag too this year! Have a wonderful day and I miss you all!

Diana Smith said...

Your thanksgiving sounds amazing! I like how you show pictures of all the different items, so delicious! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Laine said...

Hello Friend! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Thank you for your kind, sweet words. I am so grateful for you. Love, elaine

Jenn said...

I wish I would have been at your house for Thanksgiving! It all looked spectacular to me! We were on vacation and had Cracker Barrel for our Thanksgiving--we're making our own this Sunday because CB was awful! :)