Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Today's To Do List

1.   Fix/Delete Banner I added yesterday to blog that didn't work so well.
2.   Schedule Riley's dentist appointment for cleaning after 2 year mission.
3.   Confirm Parkers orthodontic appointment for Dec.
4.   Schedule my annual Dr. appt.
5.   Call Pediatric Orthopedic Dr to see if Parker can start putting more weight on left leg (he's tired of being a cripple he says and it doesn't hurt as much).
6.   Go to Auto Parts store and purchase headlight for van.  Have them install!
7.   Schedule visiting teaching for Nov. now!  (since I've been so bad about making an actual visit)
8.   Finish laundry.
9.   Clean hamster cage (with Macey).
10. Give dog a bath.

I have so wanted to blog.  There's always a million other things that I feel I should do before I allow myself or have earned the right to blog.  Somehow that never seems to happen - so alas, I fall behind on the many things I wish to have said and documented of life.  (That and sharing 1 computer with 3 adults in the evening when we all have something we want to do online).

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Steve and Donna said...

funny- how the to do list never seems to stop :)