Our Family

Our Family

Monday, June 11, 2012

Almost Time! Almost Home!

 From 1st year at BYU, to mission clothes shopping with the backdrop of the Rockies in Provo, UT -
 Back home to Naples, FL, a visit to the Orlando temple, saying goodbye to old friends -
 Back to Provo, UT to enter the MTC -
 Final farewell to family for two years -
 To the beauty of the Northwest to the Seattle Washington Mission -
 To an old rock he use to climb on and over as a youth -
 Back to the very door where we used to live in Issaquah, WA when Austin was 2-5yrs. old -
 Giving credit where credit is due - thank you!
 One of the benefits of the northwest -
 The amazing people he was able to meet and come to know -
 Birthdays away from home by moms who know how to take care of someone else's son -
What an amazing two years it has been!  These are but a few glimpses into only a few of the days in the life of our wonderful missionary - who is almost home!  Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 12, 2012 at 9:19pm into SW Florida International Airport in Ft. Myers, FL!  See you soon, son!!!


Nicole and Brent Prime said...

That is so exciting. I was going to text you in the morning to see what you were up to. I guess you are going to be a little busy!!!

Smith Family said...

All these pictures are probably 1-2 years old. For the last year he would email a picture here and there when requested but kept his sd camera cards to himself! I think he was afraid I would lose them. :)

Laine said...

Melanie, how exciting! I still dont' believe that you are old enough to have an RM of your own! :) You look fantastic. When are you moving? Sad for FL to be missing you!