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Our Family

Thursday, April 19, 2012

So Tired!

I am so tired.  I just don't sleep well when John is gone.  I need to just head in and lay my head down and I could probably drift off.  I would watch TV until I fell asleep but Macey is occupying John's side of the bed tonight and I don't want to wake her.
I thought tonight would be a great night to do some of that long procrastinated blogging (especially since my YW presidency meeting was cancelled) but I seem to be avoiding it.   I think because there are so many things I have/want to catch up on and blog about.

I was outside ALL day today assisting in a PE class.  Not in the direct sun but direct sun or not it is still HOT in Florida.  It went well but boy was I worn out - hot, tired, feet ache, legs ache and head aches.  I was pretty much on my feet all day.  I helped with breakfast duty this morning then off to PE for 3 classes, in for lunch, back out for 3 more PE classes and then on my way home around 3:30pm.

What was the 1st thing I did?  Drove through the McD Drive-In for a large, cold Diet Coke!

I stopped by to invite Macey's friend, Janiel over and found Nicole free to come with the younger girls too.  I so enjoy the chance to just hang out with her.  We spent 2 hours poolside this afternoon.  The girls practiced being elephants with swim noodles.  It was a riot.  It was relaxing for me and I hope for Nicole.  Gave me a chance to unwind and have fun company. 

Then off we went our separate ways to do dinner, baths and bedtimes at our own homes.  Parker & Macey had Chicken Tenders and fries.  I splurged on an order of Crab Rangoons from China Gourmet.  The kids and I fast forwarded through last night's American Idol performances and tonight's winners and loser. 

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Steve and Donna said...

wow- that's hard to do after not being in the work force (outside the home) for awhile. Being at the zoo and standing in the sun is getting me used to it slowly. Good luck!