Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Thanks Where Thanks is Due

Not all the pictures of our travels are all in one place, so check back for more on our travels.

We couldn't have made the trip cross country without our 2nd trusty driver - our all grown up son - Austin.  Thank you for all your help packing, loading, driving,driving & driving, unloading and so much more.  Particularly the HOTTEST days ever with a faulty air conditioner in the truck.

Thursday July 19, 2012 – Kansas City Weather Forecast
Friday – Partly cloudy. High: 100
Saturday – Mostly sunny. High: 104
Sunday – Mostly sunny. High: 106
Monday – Mostly sunny. High: 107
"June weather records are in, and the nation's unprecedented warm spell continues, making this the warmest first half of the year and the warmest 12-month period since record-keeping began for the continental U.S. in 1895."

And most of all thank you for putting up with the rest of us!
But oh, the places we've been and the things we've seen - together.

(Riley we know you were eager to participate if we had planned better and you had been able to leave work there in Provo to assist us - next time.)

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Nicole and Brent Prime said...

Yea for new posts! Love to see what adventures you had as well. We miss your family and will look forward to more pictures and updates.