Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Is In The Air

 As fall approached us here in Oregon and we started talking about being excited to see the changing color of the leaves we realized that Parker & Macey really had never seen FALL!  Crazy to think but true.  Parker was 18 months old when we left Georgia for Florida.  Riley and Austin remember the days of fall in Georgia, the leaves changing colors, the pumpkin patches, and more.
Parker & Macey have had many times in the snow as we visited Idaho in the winter over the years .  But none of the memories of experiencing Fall.  There was never a time frame long enough from school in the Fall to make a trek from Florida.
The trees at the end of our road had lost most of their brilliant red leaves.  We were sad when we realized this and were determined to find others.  We wanted to save the picture of our minds eye for future times to remember.
 We didn't have far to go to find some more examples of the changing colors of Fall.
 The changing colors are proof that it is indeed getting colder.
Tonight as I post this it is 46 degrees with an expected low of 34 degrees.  It is raining so the wet makes it colder.  Just like the humidity in Florida always made it hotter.  I'm sure sometimes we will get to the point where we are tired of the rain just like we tired of the humidity.  But there is "beauty all around"  to be found in each of these. 


Steve and Donna said...

I do love fall- got to enjoy for alittle while in Va.

Nicole and Brent Prime said...

We are loving fall as well, although it did snow today. The kids have loved seeing the changing leaves. Glad you are too!