Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, March 14, 2013

M is for many things! M is for MACEY!

Macey will turn 12 yrs old in a month.  Wow!  Our church has a New Beginning's night for all the young woman.  One of the older young women took time before tonight to get to know each of the younger girls coming into Young Women and then spot lighted them tonight.   

The theme was "Bloom Where You Are Planted." 
 The decoration were amazing.  The YW made the flowers.

 It felt like we were indeed in a garden.  A magical one.

What a setting to celebrate!

Four beautiful new flowers ready to bloom!
They then asked one of the parents to write something and read/tell some additional things about their daughter that others might not know.  Here is what I wrote about Macey.

(disclaimer & so as not to plagarize - I did take some of my creative thoughts from online)

M is for Macey!

The letter "M" is the thirteenth letter in the English alphabet.  Funny thing that today is the 13th day of March, 2013.  The letter “M” evolved from an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic that meant "owl," and since everyone knows that owls are wise, the letter "M" must be a useful letter. In fact, it is the first letter of a lot of very positive words in the English language.

If you think a food tastes yummy, you can string many m's together to make the sound mmmmm! There is even a famous candy called M&M's which uses 2 letter "M"s!

M stands for many other things – a-Mazing, Marvelous, Magnificent, and is the sound of laughter when you say Moowah ha ha.  But most importantly it stands for MACEY. 
Macey is aMazing, Marvelous & Magnificent and she makes us laugh often.  She has Many aMazing talents.  

I was on bedrest for 2 months before Macey was born and got to spend a lot of one-on-one time with just her.  Maybe that is why we enjoy doing so many things together now.

She was born with a full head of hair with soft curls.  We could put a pony tail in it on top almost from the beginning and needed to or it fell over her eyes and blocked her view.  When she would wake up in the morning and stood up in her crib she looked like Cousin It from the Adam’s family.

She loved pink, hated pink, loved green and now is back to liking pink but her favorite color is blue.  Her favorite animal was an alligator for many years and even wanted to be an alligator trainer at one time.  She has now switched her allegiance to giraffe’s.

Macey loves to climb trees.  She loves to read, cook, be outdoors & active in sports.  It is easy for her to be friends with almost anyone.  The only exception would be that she has little tolerance for those that are Mean.  

She is very artistic and creative which she gets from her dad.  She rivals her dad with her quick wit and I love witnessing that. 

She loves gummy bears, moose tracks ice cream, spaghetti and bow tie - plain w/butter, salt & pepper.

She is our only girl and has brought light and laughter and variety to our lives.  She has truly bloomed where she has been planted as we uprooted her from one side of the United States and transplanted her in the other – from Florida to Oregon.  She has blossomed.  We are so thrilled with the young women she is becoming. We love her!

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Nicole and Brent Prime said...

What a cute introduction. We love that Macey. We miss her (and all of you) too.