Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, October 13, 2013

So Little Time...to show the many things of life!

I need to create simple posts and just get a few of life's little moments recorded.  I let so much time go by.  There is so little time to make note of all that transpires in our daily lives.  But without a little recording it is so easily forgotten.  We easily forget the depths of trials and the triumphs in overcoming or working through them.  We forget those emotions of the process.  We forget the great highs of our happiness and successes in those moments of triumph and in those happy new moments in life we experience.  Oh to remember, they must be written down...at least for me anyway.  So here is to a renewed effort to start anew.

Does anyone know a way to do a Facebook to print like you can do a blog to print?  That would be a great thing.  Or can you automatically Facebook to blog?  Wouldn't that be great.  I think that I have to write it all down or include endless photos.  I need to be simple and just make note of the many things that make days of life meaningful.

So here are a few pictures of life's moments from the last time I blogged all the way back in March 2013.

April 2013 - Grandma Swensen & Emily's visit to Oregon during their Spring Break...too many pictures to post here, right now.  We did several park visits, the Children's museum, the carousel, bdays and more.

April 2013 - Macey had a birthday and turned 12 years old.

April 2013 - We got Riley and Austin home for a few days between semesters end and summer jobs.  Priceless.

May 2013 - We got to have some of our bestest girlfriends visit for their bdays.  Aren't we the lucky ones!  We did so much in a few short days - tram, lunches, carousel, sea lion caves, Oregon beach, Moe's - eating calamari - loved every minute of it.  So hard to even begin to choose only a few photos. 

May 2013 - Macey did Spring track.

May 2013 - We made a major purchase - a riding lawn mower to keep up with the 2-1/2 acres we have.  We lost the wheel on the push mower after push mowing this monstrous area for 6 months!

June 2013 - Macey started flute in September and is amazing!  No bias here.

June 2013 - Parker graduated from 8th grade and ready to move on to high school.

June 2013 - I had another bday and turned 47!

July 2013 - We had a Family Fun Day!

July 2013 - Macey and I got to make a trip to UT....

I got to go to the sealing of our good friends from Florida - the Brownings.

We got to stay and spend more time with great friends, the Prime's - picnicing & hiking in the mountains...

We got to goto the Days of 47 Pioneer Parade in Salt Lake City...

July 2013 - Parker got to go on a Pioneer TREK.

July/Aug 2013 - Parker went to Scout Camp in Sun Valley, ID.  We have some dedicated great leaders that make the program fun and productive.

August 2013 - Our oldest son, Riley got married to a great and cute girl - Kristen!  Macey's so excited to have another girl in the family.  We look forward to many fun times spent together.

And then summer was over, school started and a whole new slew of activities begin.  More later!

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Nicole and Brent Prime said...

Fun to see pictures!!! Good job for the new commitment. I go in spurts.