Our Family

Our Family

Monday, April 19, 2010

Missionary Madness! Shopping!

This is the motto for Brigham Young University - but I would venture to say this is Austin's motto for life as well. He has demonstrated that in more ways than one.

Austin putting his mark on the world.

So eager to pose for my pictures - not!

Thanks, John, for letting me be there and spend this time with Austin. When I sent this picture to John of his awesome son from my phone, he sent back a note - 'who's the good-looking babe standing next to him?' I'm glad you think so. Love you too.

Austin's gonna look snazzy. Very conservative when it came to picking ties. He would not go for a pink one!

It wasn't so painful after all!

Thank you Grandma Swensen for being our chauffer and wheels every time we need you. It's fun having you be part of the process.

Thank you Daniel & Diana for making time to do dinner with us at Legend's Grill - campus style.

We had fun having Austin's roommate join us.

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Thompson Family said...

This is the fun shopping :)