Our Family

Our Family

Monday, April 19, 2010

Thank You More Than Once!

First, I need to say thank you to Aunt Pauline for having an open door - always! This time up at their cabin in Heber City, UT. The views were spectacular.

She has welcomed us into their home time and again when we have been in town and needed a place to lay our heads! Laughter, good times, games and great conversation just come with the territory. You enrich our lives by sharing with us. This time we got to see Janece & her youngest, Skyler, as well. I learned how to play SPEED. I won the first round, beginner's luck and then proceeded to lose in a big way.

If it's not Aunt Pauline then one of my cousins is always willing to help us out as well - picking up college boxes, etc. Thanks for your service with a smile! Our door is always open as well - way down here in Florida if you ever make it this far away from home!

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